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Greg Baugues

lives in Brooklyn and works at Twilio.

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If you’re interested in having me speak at your conference or company, please drop me a note at

Mental Health

As a developer with bipolar and ADHD, I speak a lot about destigmatizing mental illness at tech conferences and companies (e.g., Twilio, Digital Ocean, Media Math, Vimeo).

Here’s 15 minute version of that talk from Codeland Conference in New York City:

The 2013 Business of Software conference was to me, the most important opportunity I’ve had to give this talk. It was the first talk in the conference’s history to get a standing ovation. That response, and the encouragement from the Business of Software community, changed the trajectory of my life.

How I Taught My Dog to Text Me Selfies

In addition to mental health advocacy, I love telling stories with (live) code. As an example:

I give an talk that’s an intro to hardware hacking on the raspberry pi. It’s a 30 minute talk that features 25 minutes of live-coding in Python, PHP, or Ruby. The other five minutes are pictures of my dog.

The talk’s based on a post I wrote for Twilio that hit #2 on Hacker News and got 50,000 visits. In 2016, Mashable produced a video about the hack that’s been viewed three million times on Facebook: