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Beacon, NY

A lovely two-day getaway less than two hours by train from Grand Central Terminal



Some of our favorite memories (and pictures!) of 2016

Startup Opportunities in Mental Healthcare

If you’re looking for a business model that addresses a huge and growing market – and can also save lives – read this article from the folks at a16z: How So...

One Year Later

Google reminded me that it was one year ago today that Rachel, Emma, and I made our first trip to Brooklyn.

Election Night

I told her that she had run against a man who was very, very mean to women. But America had rejected him.


World Champions.


As a pastor’s kid, I was a bit of a pain in the ass in Sunday school. I knew all of the canned answers, asked a bunch of annoying questions, and was always l...

GitHub Trends and Ruby

GitHub Trends shows “what the GitHub community is most excited about this month.”


What does mass-deportation look like in practice?

Emma in Brooklyn

A huge consideration in our decision to move to Brooklyn was Emma’s experience (she’s about 20 months old now). Before we visited here, it would have been ea...


Two weeks in paradise with the entire Baugues family.


Blog Overhaul

Just overhauled the blog using Jekyll and Octopress.


A thing I wrote the day Ahmed brought his clock to school.

Getting Unstuck

Few tricks I use when I get stuck in a procrastination loop

Floor Bed

We went all hipster and did away with the crib.


My experiences taking stimulants for ADHD for nine years.


Last Thursday, 100 people hopped on buses coming from five cities to converge on Nashville. While on the bus, they formed 22 teams with folks they had never ...


I started listening to Tim Ferriss’ podcast a few weeks ago. Like all things he does, it’s truly excellent.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

So, I wrote a 900 word Amazon review on a 200 word book. I’ll cross-post it here to provide more visibility than it might otherwise get as the 1,132nd five-s...

Five Months

Emma turned five months last week. Here are some of my favorite pictures of late.

Emma's Epic Chicago Walk

Another Chicago winter is winding down (though by no means over), and we had our first beautiful Sunday of 2015 last weekend. While Rachel enjoyed a hard-ear...

What do developer evangelists do?

A lot of folks ask me that question. Developers ask me that. Friends and family ask me that. The Wall Street Journal just published one of the best descripti...

Lower Wacker Drive

Lower Wacker Drive is my favorite street in Chicago. It’s also the most confusing street in Chicago.

Developer Evangelists and Burnout

When I first saw the listing for the Twilio developer evangelist job, I said, “That looks like a job I would enjoy. Unfortunately, I also enjoy being married...

The Bosphorus Ferry

It’s New Years Day, 2015. I was looking back through my drafts folder and found this post from 102 weeks ago that never made it live. Let’s fix that.



Emma Lynne Baugues was born on November 14th, 2014.

My First Marathon

I heard a story once about a woman who had lost something like 100 pounds, decided to run a marathon, and finished with a time over 6:00. After the race she ...

Running in Rome

Running sucked when I started training for the Chicago Marathon three months ago. There wasn’t much to do but to suffer through each mile and, since I never ...

The 9/11 Memorial in NYC

It’s hard to think of 9/11 without being reminded of two wars, the TSA, warrant-less wiretaps, and tortured prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. I’ve lost sight of t...

The switch from an iPhone to a Nexus 5

This week I made the switch from iOS to Android. My decision was heavily influenced by two technologists whose opinions on these matters I deeply trust, and ...

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. -Proverbs 27:17

Chicago Winter

In single digit temperatures, six inches of snow, and blinding, breathtaking wind, going to the grocery store becomes a worthy accomplishment

How to find a Psychiatrist

People often ask me “How do I know if I should see a professional?”, and the best answer I can give is “If you’re asking that question, you should probably s...

Missing the Midterm

It’s my 9th semester at the University of Illinois and I’m on academic probation for the second time. I’ve managed to take almost the full compliment of Econ...


I have type II bipolar disorder.

The Secret to Understanding Football

This Sunday, you might find yourself watching the Super Bowl even though you have absolutely no interest in football. I didn’t either until a Sunday afternoo...


For three months I’ve been taking improv classes at The Second City, hoping they’d improve my public speaking. (They have!)


Speak Slow

The most important lesson I’ve learned on public speaking was taught to me by Congressman Danny Davis. His voice is hypnotic, like Morgan Freeman’s but with ...

Autoworkers of our generation

Fifty years ago, an autoworker could provide a middle-class existence for his family. Bought a house. Put kids through college. Wife stayed home. He didn’t e...


Last week, I made two purchases off of Craiglist.


Here’s the video of my Developers and Depression talk from the Business of Software Conference:

Keep it Short

Following up on my previous post, here’s a reply to a younger friend who asked me to revise an email he wrote:

My Favorite Email

I learned to write by writing emails. This is one of my favorites.

Day Three on the Farm

This is lifted from my journal, from our third day on the farm. When I wrote it, the view looked something like this:

We can't all be right

Only if you struggle long and hard with objections to your faith will you be able to provide grounds for your beliefs to skeptics, including yourself, tha...


Today, Rachel and I hiked through Cappadocia’s Rose Valley, where vacated homes and fourth century churches are carved out of the sandstone rock formations.

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon

The unique landscape of Cappadocia is best seen from up high. Because it’s so much sand and volcanic rock, helicopters are outlawed, and there’s something ab...

The Cats of Ephesus

We traveled 5,500 miles to the world’s most well-preserved Roman ruins.

Last Year and Beyond

Come now, you who say, “Today or tomorrow, we will go into such and such town and spend a year there and trade and make a profit” - yet you do not know wh...

Turkish Shave

Back in November, Table XI ran a Movember contest - see who can grown the most ridiculous mustache while raising money for men’s health. I bowed out because,...

Devs and Depression

A lot people are blaming the US Attorney for Aaron Swartz’s suicide. Their outrage is justified, but Aaron struggled with depression for many years prior to ...

Packing List for Turkey

We got off the plane in Istanbul last Friday at 4:00pm and were greeted by Rachel’s friend, Stephanie, whom she hadn’t seen in seven years. Stephanie said, “...


Rent Our House

Rachel and I are looking for someone to rent our furnished apartment for the month of Jan.

The 25 hour day

A few months ago, a blog post made the rounds on Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Time. Here are two assumptions that could have gotten you into trouble ...

Code Like a Chef Lightning Talk

On September 6th and 7th, all of the Table XI developers attended Windy City Rails. Along with the long-format presentations, Windy City Rails featured light...

Code Like a Chef: Layer Simplicity

“A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that worked. A complex system designed from scratch never works and ...

Code Like a Chef: Work Clean

There are a dozen opinions on any given cooking technique, but in the Alinea kitchen, when you say “TK says…” that’s the end of the discussion.

Code Like a Chef: Shave Seconds

Rene once told me about watching a cook measure ingredients for a recipe. The cook placed a bowl on the scale, then hit tare to reset it to zero. He added (l...

Code Like a Chef

Earlier this year, I came back to programming after a long hiatus as Table XI’s sales guy. Though I have been a coder most of my life, this is the first time...

Google Success!

Last Sunday, I spent seven hours writing a blog post about accessing the Google Calendar API via Ruby on Rails. It’s a really, really obscure topic.

Google Calendar API and Ruby on Rails

I recently published a new and improved version of this Google API + OAuth post over on the Twilio blog which includes code for refreshing access tokens. You...

The Children

One of the pleasant, unexpected experiences of our trip was living for three weeks in a household with young children. I’ve already written about living with...

It's Just a Bone Bruise!

After a nine hour drive from Buffalo, we arrived back in Chicago on Wednesday night. The next morning, Rachel got an MRI at AOMS Clinic, where she worked bef...

Building Castles with Nathan

When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways.  -1 Corinthians 1...

Coming Home

Nine days ago, I sent this email to my friend, Ben Williams:

I Made Great Works

I made great works. I built houses and planted vineyards for myself. I made myself gardens and parks, and planted in them all kinds of fruit trees. I made...

At Once I Knew, I Was Not Magnificent

Rachel and I talked about doing a trip like this for as long as we’ve known each other. Then we got really serious about it back in September, to the point t...

Tapas Bars in San Sebastian

The sad fact is, we’ll never—and I mean NEVER have it so good as in Spain… Because what your tapas bar needs—really needs—is three or four or eight OTHER ...

After the Farm

After the farm, Rachel and I headed an hour south of Barcelona to a town called Salou for a few days of RnR. Four months ago, when we decided to take this tr...

Farming Rocks!

God the Creator had made man into His own image, and that meant that every man and woman who dwelt under God’s light was a creator of some kind, a person ...

The Cheese

The fruit of Josep’s labor, aside from some very happy cows, is milk and cheese.

Farm to Table, 100 Yards Away

If you do not own a cow, or know someone who owns a cow, I must caution you never to try raw milk straight from the teat of a Jersey cow, because it would...

Cow Paradise

When we ask Josep about industrial farms, he says “They are not farms, they are milk factories. Each cow has a number, and they watch their numbers on the co...

Feeding the Cows

Most commercial milk comes from cows that never step hoof on a pasture while they are lactating. Instead of grass they eat what’s called a TMR - total mix...

The Thirty Cow Dairy Farm in Spain

Five days ago, Rachel and I arrived at El Pujol, a small, organic dairy farm ten miles uphill from the town of Ripoll, two hours outside of Barcelona.

La Boqueria

La Boqueria is to foodies what Sagrada Familia is to Catholics. It’s a few hundred vendors under one roof, selling every kind of edible fruit, vegetable, leg...

Sagrada Familia

I’ve heard about European Cathedrals all my life. Though I’ve only been in Europe a week, I can’t imagine I will ever see a cathedral more impressive than Sa...

Our first days in Barcelona

When we decided that we would start our adventure in Barcelona, we connected with Judith Sol-Dyess, a friend of Greg’s who lives with her husband John in Chi...

And we're off!

After several days of rest in Buffalo, NY we headed to New York City via MegaBus. Now Greg and I are accustomed to public transportation in Chicago: CTA buse...

A Tale of Two Bags

Thanks to feedback from Facebook and Reddit, I shaved several items off of my packing list. All clothes not on my person fit into one side of a packing cube....

Farewell Chicago

On December 30th, Greg and I cleaned out our desks at work. We said goodbye to co-workers who wished us bon voyage and good luck one last time. We feel so bl...

Next Thanksgiving

When I moved to Chicago seven years ago, I randomly ended up as roommates with Rene De Leon who had moved from Cincinnati to work as a chef at Alinea. The pa...


Packing List

With the help of, and people who have done this kind of thing before, we’ve come up with a packing list for our three month trek. This is my list;...

Birthday Party at Barrelhouse Flat

On Tuesday we celebrated my birthday at The Barrelhouse Flat. Thank you so much to everyone who came out. It was a great opportunity to see so many friends f...

Milking Cows and Making Cheese

The first extended stop on our trip is a two-week stay on a small dairy farm in Ripoll, Spain. Here’s how it’s described by its owner, Josep, on his HelpX li...

Enumerating Outcomes

“We expect this to be a life changing experience, and want to leave the doors open to opportunities that may arise.”

We're moving to Europe

In January Rachel and I will move to Europe for three months to work on organic farms in Spain, France and Germany.