Apr 20, 2017

A Luv Letter to Southwest

A Luv Letter to Southwest

Dear Southwest, I fly about 40,000 miles a year for work. Not a little, but not a lot by business travel standards either. My first year on the job, I flew with

Dec 20, 2016


Here are some of our favorite memories from 2016. JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecemberHere are some of our stories from 2016. Two weeks in Hawaii - The nine Baugueses went on vacation togetherNew York City in March

Dec 4, 2016

One Year Later

Google reminded me that it was one year ago today that Rachel, Emma, and I made our first trip to Brooklyn. We had no intent of moving here back then. It was just

Nov 24, 2016

The Greatest Dog Park in the World

The Greatest Dog Park in the World

Before I moved to Chicago, I had never seen a lake so big that you could stand on one side and not see the other. Lake Michigan totally upended my idea of what

Nov 17, 2016

Corrections at the New York Times

Half the country has been struggling to process and respond to last week’s election results. Three small responses we’ve made have been to set up a $20 recurring donation to the

Nov 15, 2016

Genesis 2

In an attempt to to give some sort of honest consideration to doubts about my faith, I’m reading through parts of the Bible and taking note of: What claims does the Bible

Nov 10, 2016

Election Night

I’ve been grieving for three days. There’s so much wrong with a President-elect Trump that it’s hard to even start writing about it. Feels like the only thing that I

Nov 4, 2016


We moved to Brooklyn four months ago after a decade in Chicago. In those ten years, I went to maybe five Cubs games. Not because I don’t like the Cubs – I’m

Oct 31, 2016


As a pastor’s kid, I was a bit of a pain in the ass in Sunday school. I knew all of the canned answers, asked a bunch of annoying questions, and was

Oct 31, 2016

Genesis 1

I’m exploring some of my doubts about my faith. The first creation story. Here are the days: “Let there be light.” Separates light from the darkCreates an “expanse” to separate “waters under

Oct 26, 2016

GitHub Trends and Ruby

GitHub Trends shows “what the GitHub community is most excited about this month.” This month, the five 1 most popular JavaScript repos have been starred 36,000 times. Now, in all fairness, yarn