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lives in New York and serves on the Developer Community team at Twilio.

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Developers and Depression

I have bipolar and ADD and speak quite a bit about destigmatizing mental illness in the tech community. This video from the Business of Software is my favorite recording of that talk:

How I Taught My Dog to Text Me Selfies

This talk is based on a blog post I wrote for Twilio that hit at #3 on Hacker News and got 50,000 visits. Last year Mashable produced this short video on the hack which has been viewed over 2.5M times on Facebook:

I give a talk on the project that’s a fun introducion to hardware hacking for software developers. The talk features about 25 minutes of live coding and can be done in most scripting languages – I’ve given it in Python, PHP, and Ruby so far.

Here’s the most recent video, from RubyConf 2016:


WebRTC is a set of tools that developers use to build realtime communications apps in the browser.

A panel on Mental Health

I’ve participated on panels about mental health at Distill and php{tek} put on by Engine Yard’s Prompt initiative. I really dig the panel format on this topic because mental illness looks different to everyone who goes through it and these panels make openly discussing your illness look like something that’s commonplace as opposed to something that’s only done by a lone “hero.”

How to Hack Conversations

Or, more accurately, How to have a conversation with anyone, and have them feel it was the most interesting conversation they’ve had all day. Originally meant to teach socially awkward programmers to re-frame social interaction as an engineering challenge, but it’s well received by general audiences as well.

Code like a Chef

A lightning talk based on my Code Like a Chef series, read by over 25,000 people.

Sprinkling Pixie Dust

A PechuKucha (20 slides x 20 seconds) on what I learned about customer service by picking up trash at The Magic Kingdom.

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