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Greg Baugues

lives in Chicago and serves on the developer evangelism team at Twilio.

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My name’s Greg Baugues (pronounced “bog-ess”). I live in Chicago and serve on the developer evangelism at Twilio. I’m married to a pretty awesome woman, Rachel, and we’ve got a pretty awesome daughter, Emma.

I started programming in BASIC on a TRS-80 back in elementary school. These days I’m mostly a Ruby guy, but the job provides ample opportunity to cut code across a bunch of different languages.

In 2006, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I started taking meds a couple years later once I got past the denial. Life got remarkably better. Turns out, I’m far from alone as a developer struggling with mental illness. I speak and write quite a bit on the topic and publish a newsletter about developers and depression. Here’s my favorite recording of the talk:

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I’m always happy to chat. You can find me at or @greggyb.